death-metal / grind-core out of auckland, formed in 1999 by michael rothwell and phil osborne. this duo recorded two demo releases – pleased to meat you (1999) and deciphering the deranged (2000) before dawn of azazel‘s joe bennet joined on bass guitar in late 2001. martin cavanagh and rigel walshe performed as vocalists for several 2002 performances before gareth craze was brought into their line-up as permanent vocalist. after the release of their debut; revenge of mankind bennet left the band with phil kusabs replacing him on bass.
picks in bold

  • pleased to meat you demo [1999 self-released ]
  • deciphering the deranged demo [2000 self-released ]
  • revenge on mankind [2003 jailbait ]



Girl-crew (and Kerikeri residences) Jewl of Bessamoocho‘s Liz Matthews and Penny Collins joined by a third member named Amy and playing the kind of pop-punk making a strong return in Auckland.

Released a real vinyl 7″ single on the start-up Girl Alliance label.

Girl Alliance followed shortly after and was a different thing altogether. It was a purely Riot Grrl label but this did not mean the music wasn’t experimental. When I first heard Kerikeri band Goldifox they really hit me over the head. On the first listen I immediately realized it was the sound I had been waiting to hear from a group of NZ girls for years. Kind of a mixture of The Clean, The Germs and Bikini Kill. I felt they were important and needed to be documented on vinyl. There was also a purity in their form. They were teenage girls from a small town in NZ,  lo fi recordings made on a ghetto blaster in their bedrooms. Their vision was clear.

– Stella Corkery in Tom Tom Mag


  • Liz Matthews (Drums, 1999)
  • Penny Collins (Guitar, 1999)
  • Amy (Vocals?)


  • Untitled 7″ Lathe Cut Single (1996,  REV003)
  • Forming 7″ Lathe Cut Single (Self-Released)
  • Toolset 7″ EP (1999, Girl Alliance, GA002)




i don’t know what to say about goldenhorse. as a fan of geoff maddock’s previous bizarre tour-de-force bressa creeting cake i was disappointed to see him retreat to the relatively ‘safe’ goldenhorse – a band that draws lavish attention, yet fails to deliver its promise on its debut album (its not that the album isn’t pleasant, its just that they’re probably capable of so much more). see the attention has switched to vocal focus point kirstin morelle, a talented, playful vocalist fronting a group of musicians 10 years her senior, which could be mistaken for nothing more than a session musician backing band. gah… i dunno, proove me wrong.
the auckland-based duo of maddock and kristin are flanked by ben king (guitar), vincent hine (bass) and ben collier (drums). the album was the slowest ascending sleeper hit in new zealand’s pop history, taking the better part of 2 years to climb to the top of the new zealand album charts as lead single ‘maybe tommorrow’ started appearing as an advertising favorite, and the band had fully crossed over into an adult contemporary market.
picks in bold

  • ‘golden dawn’ cd single [2002 siren 5512200]
  • riverhead [2002/3/4 siren SRN9001]
  • ‘wake up brother’ cd single [2003 siren 5527890]
  • ‘maybe tommorrow’ cd single [2003 siren GOLDPRO1]
  • out of the moon [2005 capitol 8734592]

Golden Axe

Bizarre Auckland synth and vocal duo (Chris Cudby and Daif King) who play a gritty, distorted and, err, wiggly take on drone-pop. I had an unfortunate habit of missing each of their sets on a recent excursion up north, caught between being witness to the Shocking Pinks shedding members during their Eden’s Bar show, and rushing to see Sonic Youth as the duo busked outside. But i did pick up their debut cd-r, a rambling and chaotic mix of blurred vocals, white noise and…. catchy melodies! All recorded in sub-atomic ultra-lo-fi goodness and packaged in unique sleeves. Made for a positively jolly ride to the airport, surrounded by a bus full of chart-pop fan swedes.

As A Low Hum‘s Blink will attest (one of their first releases graced the 2nd edition of his excellent fanzine), there’s something magnetic about their Casio-tone driven grind and junk-shop music mentality. Kinda like if the Tall Dwarfs indulged in a little more La Monte Young action (huge distorted walls of droning lo-fi – in their case in keyboard form) while wearing live squid strapped onto their faces. warped.

Late in 2004 the duo finally made it south, touring as part of the A Low Hum collective, this time carting CD-r’s of Hypercolours – their third release, an album-lengthed EP. Its bit more cohesive and full-formed than the debut, its a pretty twisted, but enjoyable sunday afternoon headphone piece.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Golden Shakehands CD-r [2004 Self-Released]
  • Yum CD-r EP [2005 Self-Released]
  • Hypercolours CD-r EP [2005 Self-Released]
  • Party Alarm Bells [2006 Stink Magnetic]
  • Peaceful Planet Live Cassette [2008 Crystal Magic]
  • Fabourite New Machine (Thought Creature) Remix CD-r EP [2008 Stink Magnetic / Crystal Magic]
  • Best Of Both Worlds Cassette [2009 Crystal Magic]
  • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ Digital Single [2009 Crystal Magic / Cheese On Toast]
  • Hot And Cold EP [2009 Crystal Magic]
  • We Walk In Circles (Computers Want Me Dead) Remix CD-r [2009 Crystal Magic]
  • Golden Axe Ampler CD-r [2010 Crystal Magic]
  • Free Time Digital EP [2010 Crystal Magic]
  • Fantasy Footwork [2010 Crystal Magic]
  • Telephone EP [2010 Crystal Magic]
  • Sexual Angel (Featuring Princess Chelsea) Digitial Single [2011 Crystal Magic]
  • Liquid Bacon [2011 AMDiscs]


Goblin Mix

short-lived david mitchell 3 piece, and the last of his auckland bands. this is when he truely found his voice, with support from phil moore, andrew moon and (flying nun alumni) alf danielson, the goblin mix put out 2 eps in 1985 on


paul mclaney’s solo material, put together after the demise of the avalanche trio, and in a widely encompassing electronic form. generally pretty good stuff, and featuring contributions from vast amounts of talented kiwis. in 2004 a new gramsci line-up was announced for the release of their new album like stray voltage featuring david holmes, mareea paterson and jasper de roos, along with mclaney.
picks in bold

  • permanence [2001 machine recordings 99522]
  • object [2002 kog transmissions MACH003]
  • like stray voltage [2004 kog transmissions]

The Grammar Boys

simon alexander, geoff martin, peter solomon and martin williams.
picks in bold

  • daring feats [1983 emi EMC197]

The Gordons


Bailter Space has been described as perhaps the loudest and aurally vicious band in the world. Now imagine Bailter Space at their loudest, but 10-15 years younger and with most of their hearing still intact, and you’ve got an accurate description of The Gordons.

Basically the same band (when The Gordons split The Clean‘s Hamish Kilgour joined as drummer for the newly formed Nelsh Bailter Space, but eventually gave away to the original line-up once more), The Gordons shook up early 80’s Christchurch with pummeling post-punk, spiteful lyrics, 2 albums and a brilliant EP.


  • Alister Parker (Guitar/Bass/Vocals, 1980 – 1982, 1984 – 1986)
  • John Halvorsen (Bass/Vocals, 1980 – 1986)
  • Brent Mclaughlin (Drums, 1980 – 1986)
  • Vince Pinker (Guitar/Vocals, 1983 – 1984)


  • Future Shock 7″ / 12″ EP (1980, Gordons/Flying Nun Records, GORDON1/FN093)
  • 1st Album (1981, Flying Nun Records, FN099)
  • Vol. 2 (1984, Flying Nun Records, FN GORD003)
  • 1st Album and Future Shock EP (compiled reissue 1988, Flying Nun Records, FN099)




Very very popular and creative Auckland band that shot immediately into the public eye with their brilliant self-produced, home-made music videos and infectious pop songs; flush with heavy doses of synth in the style of The Cars. Its members are Gareth Thomas, brothers Murray and Rodney Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre.

After an ep with a self-titled single, the band hit even greater fortune with follow-up singles and their debut album, touring the country to packed out orientation crowds through-out 2001 and 2002.

Goodshirt continued to draw crowds with the release of the sophmoric release Fiji Baby, but sales declined – probably due to the lead-off singles not really containing the same infectious spark of their previous releases (though the single Fiji Baby is a lovely low-key pop number). Needless to say the band continues to tour relentlessly, and even managed a high-profile appearance at the south-by-southwest festival in Austin, Texas before going on hiatus on the last day of 2005.

The group then re-appeared in late 2011 before releasing a new EP in May 2012.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Goodshirt Ep [2000 EMI]
  • ‘Green’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • Good [2001 EMI 5350602]
  • ‘Sophie’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Place To Be’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Buck It Up’ Cd Single [2003 EMI 5539022]
  • Fiji Baby [2004 EMI 5770902]
  • ‘Fiji Baby’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • ‘Lucy’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • Skinny Mirror Ep [May 2012]


Good Housewives

a demo cd put together by ‘stephen and ant’, this is a brilliant little home-cut ep featuring the witty country parody ‘country western time’ and a handful of other countryfied indie-pop numbers.
picks in bold

  • the family shame ep [1999 self-released] rn