futurians!, the

whacked-out and crazy dunedin punk band based around beth duckling and the highly prolific clayton noone:

beth/duckling was looking for a new band so she hooked up with kraus. they had both been in the band the murdering monsters, and they dragged me in. kraus played drums and made noise tapes, duckling sang and played casio tone and i just wrecked a guitar. this was about ad2000-2001. soon after, we did our first cd-r “blastov!” kraus left and in came rocko on drums and the amazing iso12 on korg synth. we have also had interim members like stefan neville, and antony milton played a space-y game onstage once.rn- clayton noone: taken from this interview with brad rose

a review of their debut cdr, exterminate:

another release from the jewelled antler sub-label, this time from new zealand’s the futurians. this is a total mindfuck of an album. from the tazer-war stomp of “may i take a message?” to the noisy screaming of “titatatantronic,” the futurians don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. noisecore or artcore, it doesn’t matter. this is what punk rock used to be about; this is just doing whatever the hell flows through you. press record and go. “engine” moans like a buzzsaw, and “orbit” even features some more “melodic” moments, though its eventually consumed by feedback and drums. “dog” crawls along slowly like a horse dragging its rider through thick mud. this is my favorite pink skulls release so far. it’s just fucked.rnbr, foxy digitalis online cd reviews

in late 2004 the futurians started their own side-label, specification as a spin-off from noone’s root don lonie for cash, quickly releasing a handful of new cd-r releases, including a split with horror magnet.
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flesh d-vice

second generation auckland punk outfit featuring gerald dwyer, eugene pope, dwayne ray and brent jenkins. they still manage to tour and have put out quite a few releases over their 20 year career – though they’ve always been known as a live act first.
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one of palmerston north’s huge catelogue of dark industrial bands from the mid 90s, featuring claire pannell, rob williams, royce rees and blair wotten.
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  • pseudopodia [1992 split w/ rake / sausage roll / ethiopian land farmers yellow bike]
  • grinding stone [1994 yellow bike BIKE013]

from scratch

successful improvised percussionary troupe based around phil dadson (who had played with scratch orchestra in the uk in the late 1960s), formed in auckland in 1974. over the last 3 decades the troop has had various different line-ups – even swelling to 13 members at one point. over time the line-up has featured wayne laird, geoff chapple, don mcglashan (who arrived after the disintergration of blam blam blam), james mccarthy, neville hall, walter muller, darryn harkness, .
continuing to play in a live capacity and releasing all varities of media (including written maerial!) featuring their percussive endeavours, from scratch is currently comprised of dadson, shane currey and adrian croucher, with recent activities involving a variety of local and international contributors.
picks in bold

  • drum/sing & pacific 3,2,1 zero (part one) [1984 flying nun FN041]
  • gung ho 1,2,3d [1985 flying nun FN085]
  • songs for heroes [1991 rattle RAT-D002]
  • fax to paris [1993 rattle RAT-D003]
  • pacific 3,2,1,zero (part 1) and eye-drum [1994 pacific international]
  • global hockets [1999 scratch records]
  • global hockets vhs [2000 scratch records]

front lawn, the

somewhere between a band and a performance troup..well closer to the later, really – they released their albums as ‘songs from the front lawn..’ to indicate they were more soundtracks than albums, though both featured the odd sparkling quirky pop jem. featuring the six volts as a supporting band, the front lawn’s albums are as musically dynamic, varied and accomplished as mcglashan‘s song-writing is quirky.
this was when don mcglashan really hit his stride, and was at his most unusual (especially with the fabulous single ‘the beautiful things’), though he had a lot of help from harry sinclair (who’s also quite the accomplished kiwi film-maker) and actress / singer jennifer ward-lealand (who went on to make her name in an australian comdey skit series). their video for ‘theme from ‘the lounge bar” is a true classic, a 10 minute long short-film backing a brilliantly witty pop dity.
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  • songs from the front lawn [1989 virgin FLCD200] rn
  • more songs from the front lawn [1993 live recording virgin 4353032]

awards et
rianz awards 1989

  • most promising group of the year the front lawnrn
  • international achievement the front lawnrn

rianz awards 1990

  • film soundtrack songs from the front lawnrn


christchurch angst rockers. scott mason, greg hillier, david bergman, jol mulholland (aka gasoline cowboy).
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  • peacekeeper ep [2001]


christchurch rock w/ simon crocket who started off as drummer for loves ugly children, went on to play in chch bands such as trawler, and ingrid who was also in m’juica. simon crocket, ingrid martini, darryl kirk (the ‘3’ in their name was super-scripted).
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  • hypersonic ep [1999 random records]

fulton, ben

an acoustic singer-songwriter solo artists from the hawkes bay (now based in wellington) with connections to monkey records (an emerging ambient and electronic label with several releases from key members of the mink / cloudboy collective). fultons’ debut featured brother daniel on bass, david chickering on cello, and wellington-turned-christchurch jazz drummer supremo chris o’connor. fulton states his influences as jeff buckley, nick drake and bob dylan.
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