The Front Lawn

somewhere between a band and a performance troup..well closer to the later, really – they released their albums as ‘songs from the front lawn..’ to indicate they were more soundtracks than albums, though both featured the odd sparkling quirky pop jem. featuring the six volts as a supporting band, the front lawn’s albums are as musically dynamic, varied and accomplished as mcglashan‘s song-writing is quirky.
this was when don mcglashan really hit his stride, and was at his most unusual (especially with the fabulous single ‘the beautiful things’), though he had a lot of help from harry sinclair (who’s also quite the accomplished kiwi film-maker) and actress / singer jennifer ward-lealand (who went on to make her name in an australian comdey skit series). their video for ‘theme from ‘the lounge bar” is a true classic, a 10 minute long short-film backing a brilliantly witty pop dity.
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  • songs from the front lawn [1989 virgin FLCD200] rn
  • more songs from the front lawn [1993 live recording virgin 4353032]

awards et
rianz awards 1989

  • most promising group of the year the front lawnrn
  • international achievement the front lawnrn

rianz awards 1990

  • film soundtrack songs from the front lawnrn


christchurch angst rockers. scott mason, greg hillier, david bergman, jol mulholland (aka gasoline cowboy).
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  • peacekeeper ep [2001]


christchurch rock w/ simon crocket who started off as drummer for loves ugly children, went on to play in chch bands such as trawler, and ingrid who was also in m’juica. simon crocket, ingrid martini, darryl kirk (the ‘3’ in their name was super-scripted).
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  • hypersonic ep [1999 random records]

Ben Fulton

an acoustic singer-songwriter solo artists from the hawkes bay (now based in wellington) with connections to monkey records (an emerging ambient and electronic label with several releases from key members of the mink / cloudboy collective). fultons’ debut featured brother daniel on bass, david chickering on cello, and wellington-turned-christchurch jazz drummer supremo chris o’connor. fulton states his influences as jeff buckley, nick drake and bob dylan.
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