fats thompson

one-man outfit paul dagarin.
picks in bold

  • fats thompson [1995 trinder music TM005]

features, the

[the features ‘city scenes/secret/police wheels’] our first single, recorded at mascot studios for a cost of $1100, which left me with a shortfall of $700, sold about 1000 over three or four weeks…breaking even was never our strong point! a wonderful record, full of angst, which summed up auckland pretty much for me thenrn- simon grigg: taken from griggs’ propeller archive website

jed town, karel van bergen, chris orange and james picker. a short lived auckland punk band who managed to make it on to the excellent and highly recommended ak79 compilation. jed town went on to form the highly bizarre fetus productions.
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  • ‘city scenes’/’secret’/’police wheels’ 7″ single [1980 propeller REV1] rn
  • perfect features exposed ep [1980 propeller REV6] rn

feast of stevens

feast of stevens were andrew coy – guitar/vocals, hamish anderson – guitar/vocals, glenn fletcher – drums, with first bassist andrew leslie bass/guitar/vocals, then jon trimble – bass. their sound is definitely new zealand – melodic and human , but their tight playing and dynamic punch set them in their own space, related to but different from other nz guitar bands. the feasties have been performing since december 1989 and hail from palmerston north. they have made several low key jaunts around the country including an orientation tour to the south island in march of this year.
they released their own independently distributed 7 song cassette in november 1990 and contributed 2 songs to the yellow bike records dynamite groove cd compilation of palmerston nth bands in 1991. the band consist of two guitarists / vocalists in andrew coy and hamish anderson, with glen fletcher on drums and john trimble on bass. in march of 1992 they met up with rob mayes of failsafe records and successfully applied for an arts council grant which with renewed enthusiasm lead to the etch ep.
the band performed a release party in their home town of palmerston north with fellow label mates throw performing as a 2 piece for the rnevent. the concert did not go with out problems when on the morning of the event drummer fletcher went missing and could not be found. fletcher had checked himself into a psychiatric hospital, and the band had to retrieve him narrowly making the bands show. further recordings were done in january 93 at auckland’s york street studios with nick roughan (bailter space, skeptics, david kilgour, writhe studios). nine tracks were completed of which three have been released on seven inch single. soon after the recordings hamish anderson made a departure from the band leaving the band a three piece.
etch is the very extended seven track ep, recorded at wellington’s word of mouth studios in seven days, and mastered at marmalade studios with the infamous nigel stone. fast and fresh. the ep is the result of a qeii arts council new recording artist scheme grant and was co-produced with failsafe’s rob mayes, (dolphin & throw, avalanche eps) and features some searing guitar tracks such as “eyes”, and “alone at home” as well as melodic gems such as “sunday” and somewhere in between you get

fat mannequin

william hickman, leon dahl, jeremy scott, daniel kennedy and jacob van hulst.
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  • bigger than budha ep [1994 red cloud RC1001]

fat freddys drop

wellington dub/soul/funk outfit based around dj mu’s distinct live electronics (handling the rythm) and sporting one of the best horn sections this country has even seen (or heard), fat freddy’s drop formed as a live improvisational group, trading members with fellow wellingtonians trinity roots. by 2002 they had become one of the countries most admired and best live acts, often playing no more than a couple of songs in any one gig, but drawing each track out to its most funkiest conclusion. in fact, they celebrated their live oeuvre on debut by releasing a 4 song live set from wellington’s long-established matterhorn bar, as their cherished full-length debut.
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ben howe formed fang after superette broke up while simultaneously recording material with fellow superette chum greta anderson (as ben and greta). an eclectic 3-piece with songs from all three members; howe (bass / vocals), kiwi music veteran sonya waters (guitar / keyboards / vocals) and andrea holmes (drums). their debut featured a couple of very catchy singles, but was written and produced in a somewhat haphazard fashion, making for an uneven album.
touring with the likes of guitarist francis hunt (stereobus) and violinist bronwyn robertson, they became quite a sturdy live outfit in the early 00s, though holmes left the band around this time. unfortunately their follow-up somewhere out there wasn’t much of an improvement, as it lacked songs with the hook of their earlier singles.
2004 sees the band with another new line-up, along with a new album (swim up stream) due out before the end of the year. new members bronwen robertson (violin/guitar), tom clark (guitar) and brignall wood (drums) complete the new line-up, still based around the core unit of waters and howe.
picks in bold

  • employee of the month ep [1999 arch hill AHR002]
  • the origin of the species [2000 arch hill AHR004]
  • somewhere out there [2002 arch hill AHR008]
  • swim up stream [2004 arch hill AHR012]

fake purr

all girl auckland four-piece and part of the trendy new girl alliance pop-punk set, fronted by brenda d and featuring new zealand underground veteran stella corkery (queen meanie puss / angelhead). so far they have a couple of lathe cut releases to their name, and are described as ‘catchy and primal rock with a touch of outsider class’ [pink air / girl alliance].
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  • bad horsey 7″ lathe-cut ep[what was music]
  • ‘fake purr’ 7″ single[girl alliance fake 001] rn

fanatics, the

two piece electro-punk outfit from auckland comprised of david green (electronics / vocals) and tom clark (guitar / backing vocals). quickly established quite a bit of a following through-out late 2003 and 2004 with their disjointed sound and scattered, aggressive live shows, making for a choice single on ian ‘blink’ jorgensen’s a low hum fanzine, and tour appearances. they put out a 7″ single mid-year with both a side girls and the a low hum track ‘models’ getting student radio-play.
picks in bold

  • ‘girl’/’machine’/’motorway’ 7″ single [2004] rn
  • the fanatics ep [2004 capitol recordings]

finn, tim

the only split enz member to last the distance, tim finn followed the demise of his most famous outlet with a series of solo albums (actually releasing solo material while the split enz boys where still going strong in the early 80s), before performing with his brother neil as finn in the mid 90s. the story seems to go that tim’s aspirations for a solo career actually caused the demise of split enz in 1983, and even though the resulting debut solo effot escapade and its single ‘faction too much friction’ were big hits – the sessions we’re quite lifeless session-musician propelled recordings, and he never recaptured the excitement that split enz were so famous for.
picks in bold

  • escapade [1983 enz SPLIT1]
  • big canoe [1986 virgin V2369]
  • tim finn [1989 capitol CDP7 48735-2]
  • before & after [1993 capitol 7 94904 2]
  • live at the borderline [1993 live recording capitol FINN1]

awards et
rianz awards 1984

  • international achievement tim finnrn

rianz awards 1989

  • top male vocalist of the year tim finnrn

flash harry

the solo project of black seeds front-man barnaby weir. weir released a self-titled album under the flash harry moniker in 2003; with production from electronic artist 50hz, flash harry takes in various different styles from electronic through reggae to lo-fi.
picks in bold

  • flash harry [2003 capital recordings CREC1006]