David Edwards

wellington-based lo-fi homebrew musician releasing material under his own name (on his own fiffdimension mail order label, as well as


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emu is darcy gladwin, an auckland-based electronic artist with a focus on live performing, and combining a variety of approaches.rn

the vibes of dub/ hiphop / electro / rock / dNb to get what he wants – music that grooves in a unique way. The objective : to challenge and have funrn- darcy gladwin

gladwin has released an ep and a couple singles, along with appearing on a couple of compilation releases.
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  • ‘hdub’ cd single [2004 self-released]
  • ‘cusp redux’ cd single [2004 self-released]
  • emu:one cd ep [2004 self-released]

Empty Mirror

duo prod and poke at guitars, bells, reed organ, violin, and household stuff; loop and sample various sounds; add efx via baby monitor and dictaphone. 13 mostly short-ish pieces of inspired sound exploration.rn- slippy town

features ben spiers and karl willis.
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  • extricate/misnomer cd-r [2002 transient TR001]


marcel bears project exploring the sonic world embodied in his (amplified) handmade shimsaws (intricate constructions of steel and wire that are bowed and plucked)rn- taken from the pseudoarcana catalog

some of bears work as emperical was included on

Emerald Green

emerald green is mel smith, the formerly christchurch, now auckland-based vocalist and producer who sprung up in a solo capacity after leaving the very first line-up of the shocking pinks in late 2003. mels’ approach is closer to a new-wave electro-pop sound, with home-made beats built upon synths and computer gadgetry that alludes to the sound of early new order or (perhaps more accurately) ladytron.
though smith uses a simple, no-frills approach to recording her songs (so far, they’ve all been home recordings) the songs have a poppy gloss, highlighted by strong, affected vocals – that saw her excellent debut single ‘why wait then’ rise to the top of the new zealand alternative radio charts.
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  • why wait then cd single [2004 self-released]
  • in limbo cd single [2004 self-released]

Ed Muzik

Ed Muzik is James Dann; one of the strangest and most comical music acts to have emerged from Christchurch’s live electronic revival circa 2006. Over minimal keyboard beats (and even the occasional Enya sample) Ed Muzik sing-talks in the most droll fashion with some very silly, but creative lyrics (‘I’ve got an Ipod / My Music’s BETTER’).
Ed Muzik has been playing shows with the likes of the Tiger Tones and Pig Out, the Mixtape Connection events organized by Dr Hitchcock, and has self-produced and released his own debut ep in mid 2006 – spreading the word via myspace.
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  • Microarray cd-r ep [2006 self-released]

Elemeno P

horrid 4-piece auckland pop-punk in the blink-182 mall-punk tradition. had a big splash with their 1st few singles. formed around dave gibson (vocals), justyn pilbrow (gat – also of the relaxomatic project), lani perkis (bass – also of all-girl group foamy ed) and scotty pearson (drums), elemeno p started having huge commercial success in new zealand in late 2003. heavy exposure thanks to commercial sponsorship from coca-cola meant that elemeno p were one of the few bands recognized as the face of successful new zealand pop – and their debut album went on to top the album charts, even going platinum in the process.
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  • love & disrespect [2003 universal]

The Economic Wizards

two eps on the home-brew eelman label.
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  • starve the lizards ep [1984 eelman EELMAN003]
  • second coming ep [1986 eelman EELMAN009]