a dunedin supergroup of sorts, featuring kathy bull (bass?), andre richardson (vocals) and bruce blucher (guitar – both were in trash) and peter jefferies (drums).
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  • goat volume [1993 imd IMDCD10010]
  • ‘light’/’splocyc’ 7″ [1993 new world of sound]

Customer Service

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  • manipulations lathe cut [dark beloved cloud 036]

Curragh and Thompson

the duo of nathan thompson and mark curragh, who also make up half of sandoz lab technicians and release material through their blunt instrumentals label.
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  • days and nights of rain lathe-cut 7″ ep [blunt instrumentals bint010]

Andy Cummins

..currently an additional vocalist for pop-experimentalists cloudboy. he recently finished three audio-visual pieces, one of which is a video for the song helloface (from hummel). future plans include soundscapes for a series of short film projects..” “..hummel consists of large scapes of downbeat electronica, blended with sparse live acoustic guitar and vocal songs. these are woven with spoken word and washes of incidental atmosperics to create an organic, free flowing, sonic dialoguern- monkey records

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Crystal Zoom


General craziness in musical form at the hand of Michael Weston and his troops Bruce Mahalski, Eric Neuman and Nick Neill. The Dunedin music compilation But I Can Write Songs OK.

Include their brilliant stars-on-45 take on Flying Nun bands ‘Dunedin sound on 45’, and even featured guest appearances from some of the targets – David Kilgour and Martin Phillips.


  • Michael Weston
  • Bruce Mahalski
  • Eric Neuman
  • Nick Neill


  • Live At The Ego Club [1984, W/ Gamaunche, Zoom Tapes]
  • Hooked On Crystal Zoom [Zoom Productions]
  • ‘Uptown Sheep’/’Dunedin Sound On 45’ 7″ Single [1985, Flying Nun, FN030]