vehicle for the song writing talents of john kelcher and blair parkes. the bands line-up featured parkes (ex-letter 5 – guitar / vocals), john kelcher (sneaky feelings – guitar / vocals), bert aldridge (drums), and dean aldridge (bass). the band formed in 1990 with parkes and kelcher working on song writing in kelcher’s central city flat, each taking turns at drums, bass, and guitar. bert aldridge joined on drums and the band began performing as a 3 piece, some songs performed without bass. dean aldridge [who later moved on to become a member of the dial-tones] joined the line-up and creeley undertook a series of demo recordings with at redd acoustics studios. these recordings were never released.
a further series of recordings was undertaken at fish street studios with tex houston. one track appearing on the good things compilation, the others going toward a series of self released tracks the band produced. the band were hard workers on their music but their sound was a little out of sync with that of the current scene in christchurch so the band found it hard going to find an audience for their melodic and sometimes quirkily british songs. the band may have disbanded.
picks in bold

  • grunty falcon cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm001]
  • step ahead cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm002]
  • the sea cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm003]


jenny morris’ first claim to fame was as the lead vocalist in the crocodiles huge new wave pop smash ‘tears’. though the band was quite short lived, they went through a huge assortment of members, including both jenny and brother ian morris, fane flaws, tony blackhouse, tina matthews, peter dasent, mark hornibrook, ian gilroy, rickie morris, jonathan swartz, barton price and the late great bruno lawrence (who seemed to be in just about every band in the mid 70s to early 80s). a thoroughly dated m.o.r album, the debut formed around the hit single can often be found in 2nd hand vinyl bins.
picks in bold

  • tears [1980 rca VPLI0285]
  • looking at ourselves [1980 rca VPLI6538]
  • new wave goodbye [1982 aura]

awards etc
rianz awards 1980

  • top group of the year crocodilesrn
  • most promising group of the year crocodilesrn

Cynthia Should

forming in 1989, cynthia should were a dunedin-based accessible pop outfit who released material on the yellow-eye label at a relaxed pace, with the group finally releasing their debut full-length as a tribute to departed drummer gary ‘mutton’ munro in 1997. comprised of gary and chris muir, greg cain, shane gilchrist and richard white.
picks in bold

Crowded House

neil finn’s uber-successful post-split enz band, featuring brother tim and autralian paul hester.
picks in bold

  • crowded house [1986 capitol ST240555]
  • temple of low men [1988 capitol ST748763]
  • woodface [1991 capitol 793559-1]
  • together alone [1993 capitol 27048-2]
  • pineapple head ep [1995 capitol 881647-2]


the one-man band that is matt middleton. using a variety of instruments (all the usuals along with clarinet and studio baffonary) middleton produced a bunch of self-release tapes in the early 90s, before flying nun released the inner city guitar perspectives compilation in 1996. matt has since made a bit of an underground name for himself due to an exorbitent release schedule and a oddly compelling noise-tainted lo-fi and electronic manipulation.
middleton landed in christchurch (from invercargill) in the mid-90s, befriending drummer-supremo and general guy-in-the-know on underground music duane zarakov – eventually becoming a member of the live spacedust crew. again relocating – this time to dunedin, and forming the rock-assault squad the aesthetics middleton grew more and more prolific, with american cd-r label mental telemetry releasing a series of his cd-r’s.
picks in bold

  • the world is so you have something to stand on cassette [1994]
  • notes from the micro-community cassette []
  • we shall nurture solipsists cassette []
  • crn9143 cassette []
  • dominion as delusion cassette []
  • sottogoverno cassette []
  • nuevold cassette []
  • kama ka z cassette []
  • order cassette []
  • gpi cassette []
  • end of the world cassette []
  • exp heavy metal cassette []
  • scd-2 cassette []
  • anorexic cassette []
  • unlimited credits cassette []
  • bionica 7″ ep [crawlspace SPACE004]
  • ‘imbroglio’/’quork’ 7″ lathe-cut single [1995 trinder TM04] rn
  • ‘fear part 2’/’lexican 3’ 7″ lathe-cut single [dirtlove] rn
  • inner city guitar perspectives [1996 flying nun FN363]
  • worlds worst saxophone solos vol. 48 8″ lathe-cut [crawlspace] rn
  • refute a myth society [1997]
  • sax sothis [1998]
  • beta test lathe cut [1998 a stabbies and the rocket recording]
  • artless intent signatures vol. 1 cd-r [mental telemetry]
  • bank cd-r [mental telemetry AI001]
  • catelogue of meaninglessness cd-r [mental telemetry AI002]
  • artless intent signatures vol. 1 cd-r [mental telemetry AI003]
  • controlled payment technologies cd-r []
  • intelsat 707 cd-r []
  • c3 cd-r []
  • death satellite 2 cd-r []
  • stalino cybernetics cd-r []
  • sci-fi sound cd-r []
  • mikro-tek cd-r []
  • cyp3a5 cd-r []
  • proliferation of drones cd-r []
  • web ep 1 [the stray] cd-r []
  • web ep 2 and 3 [stand your ground] cd-r []
  • auto series volumes one to nine 9 cd-r []
  • raytheon cd-r []
  • stored value system cd-r []
  • fasb 52 cd-r []
  • capitalist experiment cd-r []
  • nasdaq cd-r []
  • mars cd-r []
  • datastream cowboy cd-r []
  • popular source codes cd-r []
  • slow code cd-r []
  • auto series volumes 1 to 9 cd-r []
  • special edition cd-r []
  • informatik 105 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • new fundamentals cd-r []
  • resistant protein cd-r []
  • sax serpentine cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • sax serpentine (remix) cd-r [mental telemetry AI004]

Crystal Zoom


General craziness in musical form at the hand of Michael Weston and his troops Bruce Mahalski, Eric Neuman and Nick Neill. The Dunedin music compilation But I Can Write Songs OK.

Include their brilliant stars-on-45 take on Flying Nun bands ‘Dunedin sound on 45’, and even featured guest appearances from some of the targets – David Kilgour and Martin Phillips.


  • Michael Weston
  • Bruce Mahalski
  • Eric Neuman
  • Nick Neill


  • Live At The Ego Club [1984, W/ Gamaunche, Zoom Tapes]
  • Hooked On Crystal Zoom [Zoom Productions]
  • ‘Uptown Sheep’/’Dunedin Sound On 45’ 7″ Single [1985, Flying Nun, FN030]



Andy Cummins

..currently an additional vocalist for pop-experimentalists cloudboy. he recently finished three audio-visual pieces, one of which is a video for the song helloface (from hummel). future plans include soundscapes for a series of short film projects..” “..hummel consists of large scapes of downbeat electronica, blended with sparse live acoustic guitar and vocal songs. these are woven with spoken word and washes of incidental atmosperics to create an organic, free flowing, sonic dialoguern- monkey records

picks in bold

Curragh and Thompson

the duo of nathan thompson and mark curragh, who also make up half of sandoz lab technicians and release material through their blunt instrumentals label.
picks in bold

  • days and nights of rain lathe-cut 7″ ep [blunt instrumentals bint010]

Customer Service

picks in bold

  • manipulations lathe cut [dark beloved cloud 036]


a dunedin supergroup of sorts, featuring kathy bull (bass?), andre richardson (vocals) and bruce blucher (guitar – both were in trash) and peter jefferies (drums).
picks in bold

  • goat volume [1993 imd IMDCD10010]
  • ‘light’/’splocyc’ 7″ [1993 new world of sound]