[flickr-photo:id=515329042,size=t] sunshine and candy-canes, the brunettes are a hard-working and extremely promising, genuine kiwi pop band – a rare thing in this day and age. forming around heather mansfield and jonathan bree’s girl-boy vocals and a plethora of instruments used both on record and live (heather being a rather talented multi-instrumentalist), the band expanded to a 5-piece for the release of their brilliant 2002 release holding hands, feeding ducks – a beach-boys / 50s girl-group pop inflected album which was to be released independently, before emi scooped them up for distribution at the last minute.
[flickr-photo:id=515328094,size=t] since then they’ve been furiously beavering away at new material, putting out the charming (and often bizarre) boyracer ep and making low-key tours both nationally and internationally. the incisions‘ nick ‘harte’ hodgson joined as drummer in early 2003, as the band entered the studio for their follow-up release. harte left the band on the brink of 2004, concentrating on his new full-time project, the shocking pinks.
by mid-2004 the brunettes had once-again cemented a new line-up, and their sophomore release mars loves venus (taking the name of their ultra-rare debut lathe-cut 7″ ep) was completed with the line-up of mansfield, bree, james milne and their new drummer ryan mcphun.
[flickr-photo:id=515357717,size=t] with the success of their 2nd album the group once again departed for foreign shores, taking in south-by-southwest and

brother j

the alias of soul vocalist jason leslie hall, a hokianga vocalist who has collaborated with the likes of dlt, manuel bundy etc, along with contributing his own songs to the first two sugarlicks compilations etc.

..but it was at wellington’s cuba street carnival, jamming with the mighty roots foundation that j met dj mu (fat freddys’) and a love of bass, reggae and songwriting led the two to start work on j’s album. the resulting ‘be bob a nui’ is a pop soul shakedown with conscious lyrics, fat beats and fat bass – an album of sweet soul for the urban generation with nu-skool dub nicetiesrn- liz barry, taken from new zealand musician

picks in bold

buda, luca

the polish-born frontman for downbeat wellington popsters the phoenix foundation, after two albums luca buda has really found his feet as a professional pop song-writer, and found time to write and record his own solo debut in 2006 – the well received special suprise, amogst his groups many successes and the birth of his son. featuring contributions from craig terris, rio hemopo, luke benge, sarah jane pardon, mike fab, tom callwood and the rest of the phoenix foundation lads, it reads like a who’s who of wellington guest performers.
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briefcase, mary

electronic artist who put out a low-scale album and ep on their own label in 1982.
picks in bold

  • jupitor by the ridge ep [1982 old age OAR001] rn
  • whisper of the sheba dawn [1982 old age]

bygone era

richard aspden, robert kay (salad daze), rowan coffey, james stephenson (who went on to join the chills), luke casey (also of salad daze, and later of eyetv and the relaxomatic project) and michael scott (also of eyetv). they had a split 7″ with the warners, and featured on onslaught‘s ‘chop chop chop’ compilation.
picks in bold

  • twisted days ep [1988 onslaught]
  • get airborne [1989 onslaught CNT008]

Brother Love

Formed by Martin ‘Brother Love’ Henderson and sharing a few members with Spacedust (i.e. John Christoffels (also of The Terminals) – bass, Pat ‘Duane Zarakov’ Faigan – drums/synth) in their original formation, then Ape Management allum Rob ‘Rock Hardman’ Haarkman, Ken ‘Ken E Bear’ Mexted and Dave ‘Dragstrip‘ Clarke, Rob Thorne in later releases, with Willy McKay floating in and out on further releases.

They made a similar sort of fuzzed out 60’s influenced stoner-rock to Spacedust, though with more country-tinged leanings, and slacker-style male vocals.

Picks in Bold

  • ‘King Acid’/’Christine’/’Penis Developer’ 7″ single [1994 New World of Sound NWOS4]
  • Every Garden Grows One 12″ EP [1994 New World of Sound]
  • My Own Worst Enemy [1996 New World of Sound]
  • Rock’N’Roll Criminal [1997 September Gurls]
  • Carkus lathe-cut 7″ EP [w/ Gene Pool Belmondo, Duane Zarakov Truly Fine Citizen 3]
  • Sin Aesthetic [2003 Kato KCD006]

Brown, Sarah

Marlborough born singer songwriter Sarah Brown released her self-titled debut album in 2006. Her first single “hands” marionette like music video received plenty of airplay on local music television. The album was recorded at the same DIY Shed used by goodshirt on both their album releases.
picks in bold

  • Sarah Brown [2006 Hark Records]

awards etc
Ovation Rockshop Songwriter of the Year

  • 2001 winnerrn

brown velvet couch

essentially trash (with drummer robbie yeats performing under his bo martak alias), but fronted by viv crowe. brown velvet couch released just a single 7″ on roof bolt, before trash splintered and disappeared in the mid 90s.
picks in bold

  • ‘once in a very blue moon’/’soft october’ 7″ [1993 roof bolt ]

burgers, the

picks in bold

  • take one patty ep [2005 split release with the eyeballs as ‘double meat side’ monsterr]

bunn, nigel

trumpets blow out of walls, guitars shoot auditory tendrils out of the earth like upward lunging ivy plants, organs drone and lurch and steam like black rain clouds from the next to last days, speckled electronic tones dance across the spectrum like gas bubbles belched out of a catfish’s burrow and into some hidden eddy that spins it miles away before it hits the surfacern- bill meyer

a texturally inclined song-smith with connections to alistair galbraith, bunn has been very slow at releasing his recorded material, with index (his debut full length) surfacing almost a decade after galbraith included his ‘goodbye god baby goodbye’ on the killing capitalism with kindness