backyard burial

lower-hutt death-metal / grind-core from mike (drums), ryan (guitar), matt (vocals), jason (bass), alex (guitar) with a handful of self-produced recordings and some international support slots under their belt since forming in the late 1990s (after a myriard of lineup changes).
picks in bold

  • deviance in society [1999 self-released]
  • the $2 pe-ep [2001 self-released]
  • repeat offender [2002 self-released]
  • hedonistic cravings [2005 self-released]

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short-lived wellington hard-rock 3-piece comprised of head like a hole‘s tom watson and nigel reagan, and bolstered by craig terris. put out a 7″ ep on andrew tolley’s excellent kato label.
picks in bold

  • live from russia 7″ ep [kato Kato 10]

bad evil

fuzzy guitar-rock from a stink magnetic one-man band. evil toured as part of the labels one-man band tour in 2006 finding fans of old-fashioned reverby and fuzzed out guitar rock up and down the country.
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  • no releasesrn

bads, the

ex-pats julie dolphin (a successive british pop outfit that even managed tours with oasis throughout the 1990s) split in the ealy 00s, with founding kiwi duo brett adams (himself an ex-mocker) and dianne swan (everything that flies) returning to new zealand shores.
swan and adams formed the bads as a recording duo – utilizing additional musicians to fill in the rhythm section for their live performances, and were eventiually picked up by stephen mccarthys’ fledgling south recordings label, with an album to be released in early 2005.
picks in bold

  • no major releasesrn

bagnall, douglas

part of the 8 dec label / fever hosptial collective, a group of low-key musicians / film-artists that have released several lathe-cuts (including an early campbell kneale release as airport) to little or no attention.
picks in bold

  • ‘soaked’/’soaked (based on the original pony club)’ 7″ lathe-cut single [8 dec]

belle motions

[profile thanks to rob mayes]
comprised of donna sheene – vocals/ guitar, ollie scott – guitars, david toland – drums (playthings, springloader, chicane, future stupid), and mark wilson – bassist. the belle motions were a fine pop blast, strongly melodic and guitar led. they didn’t make much of an impact locally but i remember enjoying the chiming guitar tones and melodies of this band. the band played with guitars hand made by scott and wilson played an eight stringed hagstrum, which featured a higher octave string next to each of the normal strings. ollie scott is a world authority on buster keaton and has written a definitive book on him. living is the only track that the band released and is an anti killing animals song.
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  • no major releasesrn

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ben and greta

ben howe & greta anderson project – essentially the ryhthm section of a post-breakup superette. they released a charming single on howe’s fledgling arch hill label, but have since gone a little quiet – with howe spending his most of his time with fang.
anderson later resurfaced with the pencils – a make-shift project based around her own song-writing and a variety of (all-star) contributors) and made a similar appearance on the 2nd arch hill label compilation.
picks in bold

  • no major releasesrn

Bang! Bang! Eche!

Christchurch eletro-pop troop that burst onto the All-Ages scene with the super-fun home-recorded MySpace single (‘Nikee’) and then a flurry of live shows, including achieving success as a wildcard entry in the rockquest regionals. An exciting mix of electronics, guitar and pulsating rhythm, Bang! Bang! Eche! are Charlie Ryder (guitar), James Sullivan (Drums), T’Nealle Worsley (Bass) and Zach Doney (Vocals / Effects).

The configuration of the group has changed a little over time, specifically shuffling through vocalists – with Emma and Ross (who himself succeeded original vocalist Gino) making way for the absolutely manic Zac in late 2007.

During a chaotic, problematic turn at Southern Amp 2007, James usually Synth-Drum setup failed to function so he quickly moved to the staged (but unamplified!) drum-kit – which went off a treat and since the synth drums have been completely phased out.

In 2008 the group had been building up steam and working on developing their songs with an eye on releasing a debut EP mid-year, though it didn’t actually arrive until September 2009 and was eventually followed by a 2nd in October 2010. By the release of their 2nd EP the group had developed quite a strong on-line presence, but we’re playing less and less (particularly in their home town).

In late 2011 Worsley created the first post-Earthquake music venue for Christchurch with Jasper Bryant-Green (who also runs Gold Sounds records), with the group playing the opening party to a packed crowd.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • EP I [September 2009 self-released]
  • EP II [October 2010 self-released]



2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad. a young liam (son of neil) finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and it looks like he’s developed quite an ear for good melody. joined by matt eccles (son of australian hero brent eccles of the angels), chris garland and joe bramley, they continue to improve and improve, both live and on record.
very popular across new zealand and now spreading into australia, betchadupa have built up a strong catelogue of singles and albums, having a heavy video presence, whilst still retaining some level of independent credibility – even splitting from flying nun around the time of their amalgamation into the international festival mushroom group.
picks in bold

  • betchadupa cd ep [2000 flying nun FNCD445]
  • 3d ep cd ep [2001 flying nun FNCD455]
  • sleepy news cd ep [2002 flying nun FNCD461]
  • ‘supa day’ cd single [2002 flying nun FNCD464]
  • the alphabetchadupa [2002 flying nun FNCD465]
  • aiming for your head [2004 flying nun LIBCD61332]

awards etc
tui awards 2000

  • top new act

  • top engineer
    sam gibsonrn

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