The Wastrels

Peter Cooke, Anton Jenner, Johnny Brinson and Richard Hlavac. A short lived 4 piece who had an ep and an appearance on Pagan’s Kiwifruit Salad compilation under their belts before disappearing in 1984.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The Jenner Affair Ep [1983 Hit Singles Hitm010]


2 thoughts on “The Wastrels”

  1. My Brother Jonathan Brinson was in the Wastrels and I knew all the other members of the band to. Peter Cooke who was in the band has a sister Judy and she taught my son at Ilam Primary

  2. I remember you Rachael
    The Wastrels were great. Jonathon was a friend of mine. Do you have news of him?
    I have been living away from NZ for quite some time.
    richard van der Aa

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