Wonderfully loose rock’n’roll band that seem to exist more as an every now and then collective of friends than an actual band per se. Based around Pat Faigan (aka Duane Zarakov, one of the many drummers for the brilliant King Loser) and his sister violet – a vocalist who had previously never sung before. Joined by excellent bassist John Christoffels (Terminals et all) and a multitude of others (they seem to have a problem holding down guitarists, with Mick Elborado, Matt Alien, John Segovia and Lynton Denovan all taking up the reigns on the odd occassion, along with several keyboardists, such as Matt Middleton (Aesthetics, Crude etc). Their last Christchurch line-up (mid-2003) was Violet (Vocals), Duane (Drums), Elborado (Guitar – Scorched Earth Policy), Christoffels (Bass – Terminals) and Lisa Preston (Yamaha Electric Organ – Snort / Lo-Liners).

They’ve been a bit invisible over the past 5 or so years, occassionally resurfacing in either Dunedin or Christchurch (and occassionally Auckland) – sometimes sharing a multitude of members with whoever Brother Love is using at the time, other times re-uniting the original line-up. No Kissing In Public isn’t that hard to find, but their other albums (of which, only Beatle! has officially been released) [Note: This has now changed, as a small pile of 1st To The Future LPs were recovered from their original American label in 2004, and have since been distributed across the country, and its an album well worth finding].

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Cool Car’ 7″ Single [1994 Homebacon]
  • No Kissing In Public [1996 Kato]
  • Beatle! [1996 18 Wheeler]
  • First To The Future [1996 Self-Released]
  • Live 93 Cassette [Stink Magnetic]


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