The Magick Heads

reading like a kind of second generation superband, the magick heads were more of a robert scott (the bats / the clean) and jane sinnott vehicle than any such premise. even with both 3ds guitarists in dave saunders and dave mitchell, the magick heads retained scott’s jangly touches, with a distinct down on the farm approach.
flanked by jim and richard strang and alan starett, the magick heads we’re highly productive (scott’s never been a slouch when it comes to writing songs), and managed the odd good tune here or there, but it all seemed a bit.. lesser than what the collective members were capable of.
picks in bold

  • ‘the back of her hand’/’don’t worry son’/’hear from you’ 7″ single [1992 flying nun FN224] rn
  • live cassette [every secret thing EST 38]
  • before we go under [1995 flying nun FN290]
  • woody [1998 flying nun FN391]
  • transvection [2000 dark beloved]

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