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wonderful and thoroughly under-rated all girl group in the bats mold. with future flying nun stalwat lesley paris and co-found of the 3ds denise roughan, joined by kathy bull, norma o’malley (who went on to form chug) and kath webster.rnlovely chiming guitars, silly songs and sweet vocals, quality pop all the way, and with a couple of genuine kiwi classics in their catalog, to boot (‘i don’t want you any’ and the sublime almost-hit ‘cactus cat’).
picks in bold

  • bewitched 12″ ep [1985 flying nun FN LBGP001] rn
  • lbgpep2 12″ ep [1986 flying nun FN LBGP002] rn
  • lbgpeps cassette [1986 compilation flying nun FN LBGP003]
  • this is this 12″ ep [1989 flying nun FN117] rn
  • compilation [1991 compilation flying nun FN171]

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