leper ballet

christchurch 4-piece with a heavy birthday party flavour and nick-cave look-alike guitarist, comprised of janus currie (vocals), herbert palmer (guitar / accordian), kris taylor (drums) and rush jopson (bass). these guys exploded onto the local scene in late 2004, claiming an unlucky 3rd place in the annual round up band competition at the dux de lux (behind excellent wall-of-sound propogators happy palace in 2nd and under-performing victors chickenyard) before anybody had ever heard of them. somehow they’ve managed to emerge fully-formed, with a tight and effective rhythm section, some killer guitar and top notch off-kilter vocal spasms (say mark e smith meets a kiwi accent).

basically the band started when some friends of ours came to nz after living rnin europe for a few years and decided to put on a country gig. stupidly drunk last christmas, janus and i said we were in a band and we would play, so we had 2 weeks to write a few songs and perform them. at first we had a different drummer but he was shit so kris joined and after playing a bit, rush (who used to be in another band called spankdirt) asked if we wanted a bass player. so the full band has only really been together for a few monthsrn

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