jean-paul sartre experience

for a band that has so much influence and family history spread across its members, jean-paul sartre experience (later shortened to jps experience, due to legal wrangles with sartre’s family estate) produced what could be considered a limited body of work – never living up to the expectations they had made for themselves as one of new zealand’s best live acts during the late 80s and early 90s.
jpse’s first album, entitled love songs is something of a new zealand classic – a brilliant example of quirky new zealand guitar-pop. a varied album based around love and positively, i always find something to enjoy every time i come back to it. jangley and infectious numbers such as ‘the loving grapevine’, cherished sing-a-longs like ‘i like rain’, and all-out fun romps such as ‘crap-rap’ keep me entertained, if only for the fun aspect.
after the subdued but often sparkling quirky debut, they took a very long time to release the size of food, which showed a change to a more rock sound.

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