high tension house

hamish noonan’s underground and experimental tape (and the occasional lathe-cut 7″) label from the late 90s that featured projects from the likes of nick hodgson (as a member of Montessori), charles horn, richard neave and other post-corpus artists, primarily based in christchurch. the ‘bwmolocoi’ is actually named with a series of non-english characters and apparently means ‘those who lurk around altars picking up scraps of food’.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • bwmolocoi 7″ and cassette [hth021]

contact details
if available

  • high tension house‘s defunct website (no longer maintained) [official website]
  • hamish noonan [label-head / email contact]
  • hamish noonanrn
  • po box 6283rn
  • dunedinrn
  • new zealand [postal address]

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