hi-tone destroyers, the

during the mid 90s, no man represented the christchurch underground rock movement more than matt alien. as the leader of blue-revivalists the black panthers and his long-surviving scuzz-rockers the hi-tone destroyers matt was the equivelent of iggy pop to detroit, jim morrison to california or (perhaps) chris knox to auckland. he managed to combine a little bit of each into his stage-performer, a drug-fueled, leather-pant wearing masochist who would bait his audience, sing lewd lyrics and absolutely roar on the guitar – totally encapsulating rock’n’roll at its dirtiest.
the hi-tone destroyers were a little less raunchy than their black panther brothers – despite sharing half the same members, but had the swagger of the mc5 at full-force and could deliver the goods at any moment – usually at a punishing volume. they spent a good decade playing parties and self-releasing scuzzy, amateur recordings, until the rock’n’roll revival hit full swing in 2002, resulting in matt’s abandonment for auckland (and warmer shores) to chase success.
picks in bold

  • ‘icepick’/’motorcity rumble’ 7″ lathe-cut single [solarphonic] rn
  • play the music of the mc5 7″ lathe-cut single [solarphonic] rn
  • ‘i’ll put a spell on you’/’sonic reducer’/’now i wanna be your dog’ 7″ lathe-cut single [solarphonic] rn
  • ‘headache head headache’/’no way son’ 7″ single [kato Kato 2] rn
  • enter the lair of the black flame cassette [high tension house hth016]
  • light up your life [2000?]
  • modern rock can kiss our ass cassette [2001 stink magnetic] rn

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