guitarist chris ‘ca$h guitar’ heazlewood is best known for his work in seminal auckland (by way of memphis, and a little southern california thrown in for good measure) scuzz-surf guitar demi-gods king loser, though he produced a couple of 7″s and a collected album of his solo material in the mid 90s – which is very worth getting hold of.
essentially a kiwi kid brought up on the likes of lee hazlewood, chris’ voice is down-trodden and dead-pan, and his guitar explosive in a kind of ultra-fuzzed and loose surf-guitar style. before king loser made their mark nationally, heazlewood developed an underground following with the eclectic sferic experiment, and also the short-lived olla.
picks in bold

  • ratfink a booboo! [1990 a one-off productions]
  • hellmouth 666 cassette [1991 xpressway X/WAY 23]
  • ‘surfs up in malibu’/’no fear of falling’/’skronk’ 7″ single [as heazlewood 1993 flying nun FN222] rn
  • ‘they slaughter small children, don’t they’ 7″ single [1993 turbine Tur004] rn
  • ‘badge or medallion?’/’speed’/’aero’ 7″ single [as heazlewood 1995 flying nun FN354] rn
  • the ron asheton club 7″ ep [1995 crawlspace SPACE003] rn
  • ca$h guitar [1996 flying nun FN398]

recommended songs
download from mp3.co.nz

  • surf’s up in maliburn
  • euro discorn
  • everything is forgottenrn

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