gordons, the

bailterspace has been described as perhaps the loudest and aurally vicious band in the world. imagine bailterspace at their loudest, but 10-15 years younger and with most of their hearing still intact, and you’ve got an accurate description of the gordons. basically the same band (when the gordons split the clean‘s hamish kilgour joined as drummer for the newly formed bailterspace, but eventually gave away to the original line-up once more), the gordons shook up early 80s christchurch with pummelling post-punk, spiteful lyrics, 2 albums and a brilliant ep.
picks in bold

  • ‘future shock’/’machine song’/’adults and children’ 7″ / 12″ single [1980 / 1988 self-released / flying nun FN093 / FNE17] rn
  • 1st album [1981 / 1988 self-released / flying nun FN099]
  • vol. 2 [1984 a gordons product / flying nun FN GORD003]
  • 1st album & future shock ep [compiled reissue 1988 flying nun FN099 / FNE16]

recommended songs
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  • future shockrn
  • adults and childrenrn
  • spic and spanrn
  • coalminers songrn

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