The first lineup of Drone was formed in Auckland in early 1986 – members : Darryl Hocking , Dan Newnham, Gareth Farr and Rose Whitehead. Did a few gigs in Akld , Hamilton and New Plymouth – and released a 7″ ‘Land of the Free / The Farmers Song’ – own label. Gareth left at the end of 1986 and the other 3 continued. More gigs / tours all over NZ – released debut album on own label DDR, recorded The Fat Controller and left for gigs in the USA and Europe 1991. Settled in London – more gigs – got The Fat Controller released on QDK / Normal ( Germany ) – another 7″ on DDR ‘ Stravinsky / Cavern’ and an album on Freek Records. Final gig in London as DRONEnsemble, Jan 2000.

Darryl and Dan had played together before in Rome ( Tauranga 1982 – released one 7″ on their own label – ‘ A Collision / Authoritarian Mother / Jasna Gora ‘ – and supported Beat Rhythm Fashion over one weekend at the Taita Hotel , Lower Hutt, May 1982). Dan played in Chch. bands A Fragile Line and Crane 1983 – 84. Darryl’s project Snake Salvador and Drone stuff can be downloaded at – punchywah.com – Dan has a new project – Transcendental Learning Collective – demo at bandcamp – album finished and awaiting release. Art stuff can be seen at – djn.co.nz – also includes Drone details on the cv page.
– Dan Newnham

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Land Of The Free / The Farmers Song 7″ [1986 Ddr]

  • Drone [1989 Ddr1]

  • The Fat Controller Ep [1993 Q.D.K. Media Cd007]

  • Stravinsky / Cavern 7″ [1993 Ddr]


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  1. The first album was released in 1989 by us on DDR. The Fat Controller was recorded in 1990 and released on QDK Media in 1993. Free downloads of music available at punchywah.com – Video can be seen on youtube/ dronensemble – thanks for your interest – more music to come…

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