detroit hemroids

early christchurch punk band, evolving out of the standard rock’n’roll / r’n’b covers formula in 1975 to eventually cross over as the scene took hold in the late 70s. from wade churton in his triple essay book glam, punk, and scorched earth policy:
“..soon after his arrival (from england) oliver scott formed with multi-instrumentalist nicky carter the nucleus of what would eventually play live as the detroit hemoroids. stablised by late 1975 as scott, carter, paul kean (bass), jane walker (drums) and mark wilson (lead guitar), the band began by playing parties and a golden bay commune. what made the hemroids different from all the other long-haired rock bands (apart from their female drummer) was their choice of material.
whilst there were no originals, scott taught the band songs which no other hotel act were doing; material by acknowledged punk antecedents the velvet underground (5 songs), pretty things (“roadrunner”, “hey mama, keep your big mouth shout”) and iggy pop (“i need somebody”, “search and destroy”). also, there were ‘old’ pop hits like “you keep me hangin’ on” (vanilla fudge version), the crystals “da do ron ron”, roxy music’s “virginia plain” and others in an eclectic, but generally hard rock / r’n’b set.”
the hemroids would go on to become one of (along with al parks’ ‘vapor and the trails’, dick drivers’ ‘the doomed’, ‘johnny velox and the vauxhalls’, and stephen cogle and peter stapleton’s ‘vacuum blue ladder’ – later to become simply ‘the vacuum’, with bill direen) christchurch’s formulative punk bands, centred around the mollett street space which survived through the late 70s.
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