on paper chug sound like a bit of a super-band. featuring the wonderful norma o’rielly (formerly of criminally under-rated all-girl janglers look blue go purple)on vocals, along with alf danielson (goblin mix), stephen kilroy (stephen and about a million other bands)and alan haig (also snapper, and for a while as drummer for the verlaines). this incarnation put out a self-released single before signing to flying nun, but soon after releasing their follow-up single, both haig and kilroy departed, making way for further illuminaries dave mitchell (again of goblin mix, and of course the 3ds and now ghost club) and gary sullivan (jean-paul sartre experience and then solid gold hell) to fill the gaps. phew.
to me, their albums always seemed like potential wasted, particularly as dave mitchell seems to keep to his own devices, having more of a support role than a creative force. however, for power-pop fans – their 1997 sophmore effort metalon is a pretty fine album in its own right. after extensive problems with american label alias records, they called it quits in 1998 – with mitchell moving to london and the other members returning to their subsequent other bands.
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