children’s hour

whilst chris matthews was struggling within the pop-confines of the prime movers, johnny pierce (bass), grant fell (guitar) and bevan sweeney (drums) were forming their own sound as children’s hour. more instense and experimental than what the headless chickens eventually became (children’s hour were essentially the chooks in their original incarnation), they fused electronic and analog instrumentation, and wrote thoroughly brooding rock music that actually went rather unnoticed.
matthews (vocals / guitar) eventually joined the trio in 1983, and it was this line-up that released two eps on flying nun – and went on to tour new zealand. fell left for australia, but after a short-absence, the group eventually reformed as the international headless chickens, and with fell back in line (and the ‘international’ dropped), the headless chickens went on to become one of new zealands’ most successfull bands.
in 2005 the core remaining members (plus failsafe‘s rob mayes) reconvened for a handful of reunion performances, playing a swag of material both old and new, released as ‘looking for the sun’ – as part of mayes archival ‘retrogenic’ series.
picks in bold

  • flesh 12″ ep [1983 flying nun FN C60] rn
  • ‘washed away’/’stuck pig’ 7″ single [1984 flying nun KID001] rn
  • looking for the sun [2005 failsafe 064CD]

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