chicane [profile thanks to rob mayes]

formed in 1994 the four piece chicane rapidly gained a strong following in their home town of christchurch. the band features the vocal and guitar talents of dean chiplin who was last seen on thefailsafelabel on the avalanche compilation playing guitar for supertanker. david toland on drums and che rogers on bass duties and shared their talents between chicane and springloader who featured on the good things compilation. taking advantage of recording time offered in greymouth the band have put together a six song mini album which embraces the variety of songs in their live set. the band comprised: dean chiplin – guitar and vocals (ex supertanker), justin schilder – guitar and vocals, che rogers – bass (also in springloader and mezzanine) and david toland – drums.
drummer toland moves to auckland after the recordings and is replaced by whetham alpress. the band perform gigs locally before founder members chiplin and schilder decide to move to auckland, replacing alpress with toland and rogers with dylan (elevation). chicane’s music is predominantly solid guitar based, ranging from the swooning pop of fabrication and scatter bomb to the hard edged wired sounds of v-flare and the title track. the up beat downtime has gain inclusion on kiwi hit disc 14.
picks in bold

  • ‘v-flare’/’fabrication’ 7″ lathe-cut [self-released]
  • revs per minute ep [1994? failsafe SAFE040]

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