Che Fu

started his life in funk-rock clowns supergroove, making his voice on a number of great eclectic pop-singles before splitting for his own rap / r’n’b career. his first solo outing (as dlt‘s mc on the meteoric ‘chains’ single) was a real awakening – it was pretty evident immediately that che has one of the strongest voices in new zealand r’n’b, and his subsequent albums have proven the point both creatively and commercially.
picks in bold

  • 2b s.pacific [1998 bmg]
  • navigator [2001 sony music nz]

recommended songs
download from

  • chainsrn
  • trustrn
  • misty frequenciesrn

awards etc
rianz awards 1996

  • single of the year chainsrn
  • top male vocalist of the year che furn
  • songwriter of the year darren thompson, che ness, angus mcnoughton and kevin rangihunarn

rianz awards 1996

  • single of the year scene iiirn

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