catherine wheel

no relation to the uk band of the same name, this one was formed in 1988 if it makes any difference. following on from genie & the wild children‘s dave hunt, brett lupton and mark tyler and with paul o’brien joining, the band became brilliantly adept at working up catch pop and indie rock numbers. the band recorded 6 songs with rob mayes in the bands warehouse on 4 track yielding exceptional results, and self released minimal copies of it to friends. one track love and justice was included in the pagan records indie guitar compilation positive vibrations. this batch of songs mined similar territory to the jean paul satre experience in their flex ep phase, but with the catherine wheels own slanted style. easily as good though.
another series of recordings were completed at the same warehouse on 8 track yielding 4 more songs, none of which were released.the band also committed to tape a large part of their set at a recording session at rob mayes gilby street home but the sessions were scrapped due to difficulty with o’brien drum sounds. these songs represented a wealth of cool pop songs, and most were not recorded again. later developments in recording technology would have allowed correction of the original problem, but no use crying over spilt milk. catherine wheel stumbled on to average success, the band always having trouble with live gigs, through technical difficulties, and in some cases stage fright. eventually the band split with lupton going on to form squirm, hunt went on to form supertanker, and recorded and released material with failsafe. supertanker went through a few line-up changes before folding, and hunt eventually ended up as replacement guitarist for christchurch grungsters pumpkinhead. at pumpkinhead’s demise hunt joined david yetton’s stereobus project, joining after the release of the first album. bassist mark went on to colaborate with drummer dave deacon as the sly and robbie rythm section of christchurch working in golf course alligators, salmonella dub, and 147swordfish, amongst many others.
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