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Wellington pirate punk with a violin player!

Although by 2003 half the band moved to Nelson, they still toured and played whenever possible.

Feminist folk punk from Sian Sabotage Sammy Vulture, Lisa Lucifa and Jana Java. The group took on a strong anti-discrimination stance after their 14yr old friend Jeff Whittington was murdered in 1999 – apparently over his appearance.


  • Sian Sabotage (Guitar/Vocals, 1999 – 2004?)
  • Amelia (Vocals, 1999?)
  • Sammy Vulture (Violin, 1999 – 2004?)
  • Lisa Lucifa (Bass/Vocals, 1999 – 2004?)
  • Kitty (Drums, 1999?)
  • Jana Java (Drums, 1999? – 2004?)
  • Adam (Guitar)
  • Rosemary (Violin)


  • Carnys (2002, Nay Records)
  • Live And Into The Gutter (2003)



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