Robert Cardy

bob cardy has a long history of making lo-fi, shambolic and d.i.y. rock music. from the early days of post-vacuum blue ladder christchurch with the infamous axemen (then known as bob brannigan), through to the eventual rise of shaft in late 1990s auckland, often with lil’ stevie mccabe as his song-writing partner.
picks in bold

  • lallapaloosa cassette [1987 every secret thing EST 33]
  • fat spring coal & diamonds in the lava cassette [1987 sleek bott BOTT 8]
  • milky bar odes cassette [1987 sleek bott BOTT 14]
  • a thousand and one stag nights cassette [1988 sleek bott BOTT 21]
  • gloss cassette [1988 sleek bott BOTT 23]

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