Cane Slide

auckland based 3 piece pop-rock band band formed in 1996 featuring andy moore (gat, vox, piano, bells, organ and synth – ex letter 5), boyd thwaites (bass, vox and vibes – ex the lils) and nicola rush (drums, vox and hand claps) that released two albums and were include on the (excellent) dollar mixture compilation. luckily scored a support slot for pavement and played at both the big day out (the year it rained) and the disasterous sweetwaters festival.

the songs feature a variety of instruments. pianos, bells and xylophones augment stripped back guitars, bass and drums to produce an elemental rock sound, evocative of the 1960’s – yet firmly placed in the new millennium.rn- john ten velde: on a review of stop look listen from net cd

picks in bold

  • kamikaze 7″ lathe-cut [cane]
  • lunatic fringe 7″ lathe-cut ep [1996? cane cane002]
  • tone down 7″ lathe-cut ep [1996? cane cane003]
  • ‘shoes’/’summer breeze’ 7″ lathe-cut [1996? cane cane004]
  • sloppy pop wars [1997 w/ cabbage bomber humbucker]
  • stop look listen [1999 wrong]

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