cake, edmund

originally under the solo alias rik starrr then as a member of the sadly short-lived bressa creeting cake edmund cake (aka edmund mcwilliams) showed a dab hand at creating generally humorous and thoroughly eclectic pseudo pop music that spread-forth into many different stylistic directions. in 2004, cake finally saw released the solo debut downtown puff, (after spending over 2 years in limbo) on the quickly-established lil chief records, home of contemporary popsters such as the brunettes and the nudie suits.
the album features contributions from both former bressa creeting cake compadres (geoff maddock and joel wilton – now of goldenhorse), along with a plethora of others in a small capacity. the album is said to be a return to cake’s experimentive past, and continues his work with neil finn on the soundtrack to christine jeffs’ lauded contemporary film ‘rain’..
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