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Brother Love


Fuzzy, bluesy Rock’n’Roll from Martin Henderson, aka Brother Love. Henderson has lent his name to a number of groups (‘The Homebacon Gang’, ‘The Second Hand Emotions’, The Free Association’, His Dark Horses’, ‘His Far Out Space Nuts’ etc), featuring an array of similarly minded musicians (Mick Elborado, John ‘Segovia’ Markie, John Christoffels etc) and in a line-up that often parallels the group Space Dust – which Henderson is a long-time member of.


  • Martin Henderson (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Bass, 1990 -)
  • John Christoffels (Bass, 1993 – 1996)
  • Pat Faigan (Drums, 1990 – 2007)
  • Andrew McKenzie (Drums, 1996)
  • Rob Harkman (Bass, 1996)
  • John Markie (Guitar, 1994 – 1996)
  • Mick Elborado (Guitar, 1996)
  • George Churton (Keyboards, 1994)
  • Celia Patel (Organ, 1994)


  • Goodnight 7″ Single (1990, September Gurls, SGs0)
  • King Acid 7″ single (1993, New World of Sound, NWOS4)
  • Every Garden Grows One 12″ EP (1994, New World of Sound)
  • My Own Worst Enemy (1996, New World of Sound)
  • Rock’n’Roll Criminal (1997, September Gurls, SGLP20)
  • Carkus lathe-cut 7″ EP (w/ Gene Pool Belmondo, Duane Zarakov, Truly Fine Citizen 3)
  • The Sin Aesthetic (2002, Kato, KCD006)
  • The Man is Just a Boy (2007, Powertool Records, PT067)
  • Fuzzy Logic Room Cassette (Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings)


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