bressa creeting cake

what a bizarre little band this one was! starting off as breast secreting cake, the trio of joel milton (drums, tabla, percussion, vibraphone), geoff maddock (vocals, acoustic/electric/bass guitars, piano/keyboards, mandolin, vibraphone) and edmund cake (vocals, acoustic/electric/bass guitars, percussion) made some of the most diverse, eclectic songs over their short, single album lifespan. they had to change their name at creative new zealand’s insistance (so that they could get a video grant), and so bressa creeting cake was chosen as the debut album was being prepared.
and what a debut it was!, stretching from the most bizarre, ween-like take on pop through calypso shuffles, samba numbers and psychedalic freak-outs. college radio success with original single ‘papa people’ just fueled their fire for the bizarre (their video featured a love scene between a woman and a house-sized weta (the new zealand ancestor of the cockroach). the album in full is a classic, highlighted by ‘the chip that sells millions’ (an ultra-catchy sing-a-long about corn snack flavouring), ‘rotted old bitch’ and the exceedinginly chirpy ‘palm-singing’. an instant classic that comes highly recommnded. milton and maddock went on to form golden horse, which has since released a couple of great singles, and an over-rated album.
picks in bold

  • bressa creeting cake [1997 flying nun FN385] rn
  • ‘papa people’/’beer ginka’ 7″ single [1997 flying nun FN396]
  • papa people cd ep [1997 flying nun FN396]

recommended songs
download from

  • the chip that sells millionsrn
  • palm singingrn
  • papa peoplern
  • the write the songs to people who are deadrn

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