Breathing Cage

something of a dark horse in the new zealand rock canon, the breathing cage reads like a super group of new zealand musicians (vocals by jay clarkson, guitar by greg malcolm, drums by gary sullivan and bass by michael kime) and actually went on to win the (then coveted) rheineck rock awards. unfortunately things didn’t pan out when it came to spending the prize (which was a studio recording package) – they went way over budget, the studio foreclosed on their recordings, they couldn’t get a record label to pay for the excess, and the album went unreleased for many years (though eventually resurfaced on flying nun to very little backing).
picks in bold

  • ‘you and me and the old hill’/’just human’ cassingle [1991 as jay clarkson & breathing cage flying nun) FN135]
  • misericord [1991 as jay clarkson & breathing cage tall poppy (left unreleased on flying nun) L30589]

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