Breaks Co-Op

with the influx of massive-attack influenced bands in the mid 90s, there were a number of trip-hop imitators world wide, trying to perfect their own mix of lazy grooves and downbeat vocals. auckland duo breaks co-op thankfully got the formulae very right though with their stunning singular album roofers. an eclectic mix of found sounds, blissed-out synths and its own fair share of studio trickery, the album gracefully flows from groove to groove, unashamidly laidback.
comprised of former urban disturbance member zane lowe (who went on to present on mtv europe) and hamish clark with guest vocals from dr. kevorkian vocalist jordan reyne, breaks co-op hit the heights quickly, then disappeared without a trace.
in early 2005 murmur’s of the groups impending comeback began to surface. finally after a long absence when the duo were both in london, lowe and clark had once again been back in the recording studio. this time with (new full-time member) andy lovegrove’s soul-styled vocals and new ventures into live instrumentation, the sound inside finally arrived in march 2005.
picks in bold

  • roofers [1998 deep grooves] rn
  • the sound inside [2005 emi 8733512]

recommended songs
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  • sound advicern
  • faraway landsrn
  • transistorrn

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