hugely popular both nationally and overseas; particularly in south-east asia. blindspott are a nu-metal 5-piece from west auckland comprised of damian alexander (vocals), shelton woolright (drums), marcus powell (guitar), gareth fleming (bass) and karl vilisini (turntablist). after spending 5 years (the band originally formed in 1997) developing their sound and a strong local following in auckland, the band went straight to major label success with their debut album. capitol records (now part of the festival mushroom conglomerate) signed the band on the strength of their following and their image-defining low-budget videos.
picks in bold

  • ‘phlex’ cd single [2003 capitol 5525470]
  • blindspott [2003 capitol 5832172]
  • ‘blank’ cd single [2003 capitol 5531150]
  • the story so far dvd [2003 capitol 5991759]

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