The Bleeders

auckland hardcore / punk outfit comprised of angelo munro (vocals), ian king (guitar), hadleigh donald (guitar), gareth stack (bass) and ‘king’ george clark (drums).

boasting a line up of musicians all of whom have had vast experience as part of the new zealand punk / hardcore scene in such acts as, dsm, evil priest, malcontent, smooth jimmies, kid nuisance & aovrn- elevenfiftyseven

playing live regularly through-out 2003 and 2004, the band built up a sizeable following, even winning their way through on the corporate-sponsored ‘coke launch-pad’ promotional junket, along with performances across new zealand on the orientation tour and at the 2004 big day out in auckland.
the bleeders got a huge boost in later 2004 with the release of the so lonely single – which shot to prominence on the new zealand chart, despite a rather limp-wristed hook, an overted emo attempt at hardcore.
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