Blam Blam Blam

don mcglashan will always be the centre of attention as the leader of the muttonbirds, but he had his first hit single (the notorious anti-establishment anthem ‘there is no depression in new zealand’) with bizarre music troupe 3-piece blam blam blam. one of propeller records signature bands, they created warped pop through-out the early 80s, touring the country from their auckland base with the likes of ska outfit the newmatics, fellow propeller figureheads the screaming meemees, and even the early incarnations of the netherworld dancing toys – whom they split a live lp with (‘the story of blam blam blam’).
formed by tim mahon and mark bell in 1980 (originally as the whizz kids) mcglashan joined the band to add a more eclectic-leaning to what was at the time a more sturdy post-punk outfit. mcglashan’s use of the euphonium quickly characterized their sound, particularly on their second hit ‘don’t fight it marsha (its bigger than both of us)’ which is by all accounts an utter pop gem.
picks in bold

  • maids to order ep [1981 propeller REV10]
  • ‘there is no depression in new zealand’/’got to be guilty’ 7″ single [1981 propeller REV11] rn
  • ‘don’t fight it marsha’/’dr. who’/’cachunga cachunga’ 7″ single [1981 propeller REV14] rn
  • luxury length [1982 propeller REV204] rn
  • ‘call for help’/’learning to like ourselves again’ 7″ single [1982 propeller REV17]
  • blam blam blam [1982 propeller REV202]
  • the blam blam blam story [1984 w/ netherworld dancing toys cbs SBP237993] rn
  • the complete blam blam blam [1992 propeller REV502]

recommended songs
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  • don’t fight it marsha (its bigger than the both of us)rn
  • there is no depression in new zealandrn
  • luxury lengthrn

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