2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad. a young liam (son of neil) finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and it looks like he’s developed quite an ear for good melody. joined by matt eccles (son of australian hero brent eccles of the angels), chris garland and joe bramley, they continue to improve and improve, both live and on record.
very popular across new zealand and now spreading into australia, betchadupa have built up a strong catelogue of singles and albums, having a heavy video presence, whilst still retaining some level of independent credibility – even splitting from flying nun around the time of their amalgamation into the international festival mushroom group.
picks in bold

  • betchadupa cd ep [2000 flying nun FNCD445]
  • 3d ep cd ep [2001 flying nun FNCD455]
  • sleepy news cd ep [2002 flying nun FNCD461]
  • ‘supa day’ cd single [2002 flying nun FNCD464]
  • the alphabetchadupa [2002 flying nun FNCD465]
  • aiming for your head [2004 flying nun LIBCD61332]

awards etc
tui awards 2000

  • top new act

  • top engineer
    sam gibsonrn

Music Videos

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