Alec Bathgate

[flickr-photo:id=234859489,size=t] the george harrison to chris knox‘s john lennon. alec bathgate’s always kept a couple steps back in his fellow tall dwarfs shadow, but released a lovely little byrds-jangle-pop album (with heavy beatles and beach boy flourishes) in 1996. somewhat more technically competent than knox, and somewhat reserved (in comparison at least), bathgates’ a reflective, precarious song-writer of great talent.
bathgate then resurfaced in a solo capacity a mere 8 years later with the superb indifferent velvet void, an album chock full of pop-classics and weighty lyrics. signing to the auckland-based lil chief, bathgate has played just one solo show prior to it’s release, as part of a joint cd-release promotion with fellow christchurch popsters pine.
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  • pet hatesrn
  • should i wake up?rn
  • life ain’t easy (when your dead)rn

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