the bizarre recording antics of (lil’) steve mccabe, bob brannigan and stu kowalski, a well-known, yet thoroughly underground troop that often swelled in numbers (sometimes up to as many as 10 members in the mid 1980s). three albums on flying nun in the late 80s / early 90s, along with several releases on the small sleek bott label. very make-shift, punk approach to recording, their albums were often of-the-moment pieces…

the story of [big cheap motel] is:rnbob and myself went down to check out the christchurch botanic gardens, the scene of the local council/”big m” milk drink-sponsored “summertime” concert-in-the-park series of free outdoor events, only to find the park plastered with billboard-sized posters of skimpily-clad young ladies advertising the sponsors wares. we immediately proceeded home and wrote the enclosed set of ‘protest’ songs about the travesty, which were performed at the event, to the mild annoyance of the council & the sponsors.rn- taken from mayday: the little stevie mccabe / axemen / sleek bott webpage

picks in bold

  • big cheap motel [1983 sleek bott]
  • three virgins three versions three visions [1986 flying nun FN049]
  • derry legends [1987 flying nun FN120]
  • ak87 [w/ the shit pop boyz 1987 sleek bott]
  • scary! [w/ the sleek bott gang 1989 sleek bott]
  • peter wang pud [1991 flying nun FN204]
  • dirty den sessions [1991 sleek bott]
  • recliner rocker [1992 sleek bott #921]
  • three rooms (an elton john tribute album) [1992 sleek bott]
  • across the universe in 27879 days ep [1992 sleek bott]
  • the axemen singles collection [compilation 1998 sleek bott]

music videos

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