Christchurch black metal outfit started in 2000 by Okoi Jones and Cam Sinclair, with Brad Kneale and Nik Coulter  joining later to cement the current line-up, who recorded the debut release The Ethos Elite EP in 2003 (after an earlier demo).


  • Okoi Jones (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Cam Sinclair (Drums)
  • Brad Kneale (Bass)
  • Nik Coulter (Guitar)


  • Deathdrone Demo (2001)
  • The Ethos Elite Demo Cassette (2003)
  • The Ethos Elite EP (2003, Lycanthropic Fervour, LFR001)
  • Scorn Shall Prevail (2005, Lycanthropic Fervour, LFR002)
  • Opposing the Pityfilth (2007, Lycanthropic Fervour, LFR002)
  • Aphelon EP



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