amy racecar

hamilton-based pop-via-hardcore outfit thats gone through a few line-up changes in their short life time (formed in 2002), with matt emery (vocals / keys), mike crook (guitar), gary venn (bass) and rebecca truimvist (drums). thr group recorded a track for the shaun smith tribute on yak records in 2004.

…creating a loyal following from numerous gigs around the country at a less than rapid pace. performing a furious, energetic set, amy racecar’s sound is influenced by various styles of pop music – with lashings of melody, dashes of heaviness and a slight bit of crazed lunacy. everything you love about music in one band!

– amy racecar

the band have quickly accumulated a couple of releases on the small hit your head hawkes bay based label.
a successful (if poorly attended) tour of new zealand in early 2006 with the body corporate showed off the currently line-up of lemon on bass, frankie on vocals, anthony reu on drums, gareth on guitar and vocalist billy.

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