The Aesthetics

energetic screaming, rugged rythms and a sloppy swagger that suits anyone looking for a glaring upheaval of standard musical thoroughfare…” “…equivalent to a hyperactive daniel johnston recklessly exorcising himself of inner demons with the help of the finest extra-lo-fi equipment.

andrew magilow; splendid magazine

‘destructo-rock’ outfit extraordinaire. originally formed in dunedin by matt middleton (aka crude), rustle covini (drums) and j-mz robinson in 1995 in a purely punk flavor, after a few successfull parties and the odd gig, j-mz was replaced by shaun jury – the line-up that released the debut my right to riches lp.

crude’s matt middleton has erupted from the shackles of noise to stomp the grounds of sonic punkdom. following his forefathers in bands like the pin group, henchmen, and la de da’s, monsieur middleton has carved a new sound

forced exposure

by 1997 stefan neville (futurians) had replaced covini, but then left in 1998 – off to auckland, along with shaun. pat kraus (drums) and fyfe (bass) made up the numbers for the rest of the bands career, eventually releasing the off lp before splitting in 2001.

picks in bold

  • dunedin punks 7 cassette [1997 a stabbies and the rocket recording]
  • off [1998 esctatic peace]
  • ‘doomtown fuzz’/’better dead than red’/’202’ lathe-cut 7″ [dirtlove]
  • split ep lathe-cut 7″ [w/ the ho dogs dirtlove]
  • ‘i just don’t get it’/’motor ella’/’i think you’d better leave’ lathe-cut 7″ [dirtlove]
  • secrets of japanese nationalism double 8″ lathe-cut [ crawlspace / dirtlove]
  • crownsatnov11 cassette [w/ murdering mosters slag strutSS2]
  • off [2001 mental telemetry tele003]

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