Able Tasmans

Top-class jangly or even baroque-pop auckland band featuring the talents of Leslie Jonkers (Piano / Vocals), Peter Keen (Lead Vocals), Craig Mason (Drums), Jane Dodd (Bass / Vocals), Ronald Young (Synths) and led By Graeme Humphreys (Piano / Organ). One of the longest lasting Nun bands, the single ‘Hold Me Pt. 1’ is a genuine Nun classic.

Sharing vocals across the group (with Peter Keen taking lead), the Tasman’s have a varied output, always with a fun or quirky aspect, incorporating many instruments and musicians from outside the group and certainly maturing as a band through-out their decade long existence. In 1999 Flying Nun honored their back catalog with a tastefully compiled compilation Songs From The Departure Lounge.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Tired Sun Ep [1985 Flying Nun Fn043]

  • ‘Buffalos’ 7″ Single [1986 Flying Nun Fn063]

  • A Cup Of Tea And A Lie Down [1986 Flying Nun Fn075 / Fne18]

  • Hey Spinner! [1990 Flying Nun Fn162]

  • Somebody Ate My Planet [1992 Flying Nun Fn233]

  • The Shape Of Dolls Ep [1993 Flying Nun Fn280]

  • Store In A Cool Place [1996 Flying Nun Fn312]

  • Songs From The Departure Lounge [Compilation 1999 Flying Nun Fn404]


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