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The River Jones and Ipswich at Darkroom

The River Jones
The River Jones

With a lot of people at the Bats show at CPIT (as part of the Flying Nun 30th anniversary), it was a quiet night at Darkroom. However both the River Jones and Ipswich put on a great show.

The River Jones have a post rock / math rock type of sound (ala Unwound or even Christchurch’s own A Flight to Blackout, particularly in their later incarnations) with an absolutely bombastic drummer and an underage vocalist/guitarist. Expect these guys to make a mark in the future.



Ipswich are a bit of a rising star in the local scene, with their self-titled EP now available and group playing shows around town quite often. The boys threw in a couple Flying Nun covers from the Bird Nest Roys and the Skeptics along with a set of catchy sing-shouty originals.


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