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Monsta Machine at Dux Live

Monsta Machine
Monsta Machine

This show seemed to be under most people’s radar, as there wasn’t much of a crowd down at Dux Live; though it was a tuesday night. After laid-back drinks and a dj spinning drum’n’bass for a while, the more recently configure Monsta Machine (a new version of the Steffan van Soest Hit-Machine with a Monster Costume wearing front-man) took the stage.

Monsta Machine
Monsta Machine

Quite a departure from the old Hit-Machine, the guys were revelling in playing monster-themed Rap-Metal; which bassist Simon Nunn described as a kind of music he always wanted to play – the Judgement Day soundtrack was bandied about.

Anyway it was all good fun – and those costumes (which front-man Grubby produced himself) are bloody brilliant.

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