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Kittentank w/ Sandfly Bay at Darkroom, April 21st 2012

Sandfly Bay
Sandfly Bay

With local instrumental trio Sandfly Bay delaying the start of the show due to equipment issues; I took the time to soak in Darkroom’s ambience. As one of our newest venues, Darkroom has really found a place as Christchurch’s key intimate spots to hear live music – however they also provide a fantastic menu of home-made vegetarian snacks, and they have an ever-growing array of boutique Wines, Beers and Liquors. I tend to favour Ciders, and with the Darkroom now stocking Peckham’s Moutere Cider Kir I had to give it a try. This is a fine, dry Cider with quite a significant dose of blackcurrant. A simply fantastic drink, and far removed from the mass-produced stuff you find in supermarkets.

Sandfly Bay have gone through numerous variations, both in line-up and style since they originally emerged as a high school band a few years back. Now without a vocalist, the current line-up produces a blues-inflected brand of alternative rock. Heavy on the rhythm and with particularly prevalent bass from Ben Ordering – who seems to be in quite a few local bands these days! Their sound is quite danceable and upbeat, and they certainly seem to have a fan base for their infectious, groove-filled songs.


Although Wellington-based group Kittentank started life as guitarist / keyboardist / vocalist Frank Eggleton’s own solo project, their current existence now revolves around a troop of some 9 members, though thankfully not all at the same time! Playing as a more-conventional 5-piece on a fairly small stage, the group through together an amalgam of styles, driven by some truly excellent drumming and driving grooves that I reckon evoke the feeling of early Stereolab recordings. With a classic keyboard sound and guitar used both as texture and lead, their indie-pop-garage-punk pastiche really appeals to my tastes. Track them down on BandCamp for a taste of one of the best new groups out of Wellington.


[Published in the Press 27-04-2012]

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