incisions, the [tony valens and]

nick ‘harte’ hodgson’s loud rock’n’roll outfit. started life as tony valens and the incisions in the mid 90s and were mostly concentrated on harsh primal dirges and noisy guitar flourishes – creating some absolutely brilliant sounds far outside the commercial scope of rock’n’roll. band competitions, a short-lived lead singer and the rock’n’roll revival brought changes to their sound, reverting to a more pop (but still incredibly loud) rock format, but nick was unhappy and soon the band was changing again.
the result was the manic let terror rain – nick’s first attempt at adding vocals to his old blend of sonic mayhem, and it worked. thick guitar-dirges and sound-checking the velvet underground was the order of the day, and it looked like the band was onto a promising direction before hodgson split the band (and christchurch) to seek his fame with auckland-based popsters the brunettes, eventually settling with his own new band the shocking pinks.
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