idle star – idle star

self released [2003]
getting established in a small city like christchurch, in a small country like new zealand can be a tough ordeal for a group of young musicians. idle star hail out of new brighton, one of christchurch’s city-side beaches – and have been together since 1999. not exactly the most prolific of live acts, they’ve spent a good portion of the last three years fleshing out a body of music that varies between melodic, drifting pop and upbeat rock numbers, with eclectic musicianship throughout.
starting smoothly with a wash (pun intended) of beach sounds and gentle guitar build-up with ‘albatross’-like cymbal attack. this gracious intro makes way for rebecca halliday’s sassy, throaty vocals, the album suddenly burst into a jaunt of disconnected, unsettling bass guitar and shuffling drum work. the song (‘your paradise’) settles into a constant rhythm, driven by some simple but powerful drum work and jangly guitar. a mid song instrumental section is conclude with a

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