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flying nun [2001]
the year is 1995. i’ve recently waken up to the delight of localized music-video television with the advent of cry tv here in christchurch, new zealand. throughout the preceding months i had been discovering music by jean-paul sartre experience out-shoot superette, rekindled my love for the chills pop melodies, and finally developed a taste for local music, all at the age of 16.
news of the ‘charge’ concert was building, a free gig in the town center featuring a number of new zealand’s less conventional but talented bands performing for what was likely to be a large all ages crowd — i had to go. if you’ve never heard or seen superette — they were a true force to be reckoned with, a three piece band built around dave mulcahy’s post-jpse material which was both exceedingly catchy and yet dark and mysterious. they were the reason i was there (along with headliners and relative superstars head like a hole) — but the band that left me with the biggest impression were the 3ds.
the 3ds were one the prime examples of the 2nd coming of flying nun

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