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Alec Bathgate


The George Harrison to Chris Knox’s John Lennon.

Alec Bathgate’s always kept a couple steps back in his fellow Enemy, Toy Love and Tall Dwarfs shadow, but released a lovely little Byrds-jangle-pop album (with heavy Beatles and Beach Boy flourishes) in 1996.

More technically competent than Knox, and somewhat reserved (in comparison at least), Bathgate is a reflective, precarious song-writer of great talent.

Bathgate then resurfaced in a solo capacity a mere 8 years later with the superb Indifferent Velvet Void, an album chock full of pop-classics and weighty lyrics.

Signing to the Auckland-based Lil Chief, Bathgate has played just one solo show prior to it’s release, as part of a joint CD-release promotion with fellow Christchurch popsters Pine.


  • Alex Bathgate (Guitar/Vocals)


  • Pet Hates 7″ Single (1995, Flying Nun Records, FN333)
  • Gold Lame (1996, Flying Nun Records, FN353)
  • Nunfest ’96 Etched 7″ (1995, Flying Nun Records, FN373)
  • The Indifferent Velvet Void (2004, Lil Chief, LCR009)



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